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LOGICO - The Learning Game LOGICO is ideal for independent learning activities. It is self-explanatory and easy-to-handle. LOGICO develops literacy and numeracy skills by drawing upon children's natural curiosity to engage in discovery and independent learning task. The self-checking gives children a sense of success and a feeling of self-esteem. This motivates them and makes them look for further challenges. For every age group, there is the right LOGICO version.

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30 years of experience developing educational programs, engaging professionals and setting up standards.
Our portfolio of products includes more than 100 games, publications and educational material.

  • Dr George Ghanotakis

George Ghanotakis

PhD Philosophy

George Ghanotakis holds a law degree from the University of Quebec at Montreal and degrees in education and philosophy B. Ed., M.A., Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. He taught at the University of Ottawa, the University of Toronto, the University of Alberta and the University of Victoria. He is the founder of the Canadian Institute of Philosophy for Children and served as special consultant for the implementation of thinking skills programs across the curriculum K-12, working closely with school boards, parent associations and the ministries of education of British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. He is the author of the award winning The Game of Wisdom and of numerous books and learning resources.

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We have published more than 100 educational books and 10 games in 5 languages.
We also published online versions of these books and games. Below are just a few.

Smarti-Bear 1

Sport Match

Smarti-Bear 2

Zig Zag logic

Smarti-Bear 3

3D Logic puzzle


Train your brain game

Growing Up Smart

Book series for parents

Game Of Wisdom

Educational game


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